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About Seiyan

SEIYAN is the main brand coin of SEI Network:
Onboard Users. Maximize Memes. Strengthen SEI.

How To Buy

How To Buy Seiyan

1. Setup a Compass Wallet

2. Bridge to Sei




Circulating Supply: 600,000,000 SEIYAN
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Capped

60% Initial LP
15% Team (to be vested)
15% Marketing & Business Development
10% Community Use TBD

No Presale or Secret Allocations


The team members are all seiyans, just like you.


But we are still actively recruiting in the Discord.

Seiyan Frens

Kryptonite Fren

Kryptonite Finance

Webump Fren


Yaka Fren

Yaka Finance


Find answers to common questions.

SEI network enthusiasts started calling themselves seiyans. SEI ran a vote on whether the community should be called seilors or seiyans. So we made a coin to sway the vote. We won.

As the first SEI memecoin, it is the most popular and well recognized token on SEI chain, carrying significant branding power because of its community. SEIYAN has wide access to other communities on SEI. By holding SEIYAN, you become part of this community and its continuously expanding integration into every SEI project on the network, present and future. In fact, the SEI team are seiyans themselves.

The current priority is integration into every major SEI project from now throughout Q1 2024. As liquidity and interest arrives on Sei chain, we expect both CEX listings as well as utility developmentof SEIYAN token that deeply intertwines third party SEI projects with each other.


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